Musings: Calling All "Victims"

Musings: Calling All “Victims”


\ December 2, 2015 /

In a strange reversal of events, anti-GMO activists are trying to drum up supposed victims of westside Kauai “pesticide pollution” to satisfy a news team.

In a Facebook post yesterday, anti-GMO activist Laurie Cicotello wrote:

NBC is planning to come to Kauai to do a piece re west side pesticide pollution. It will be on Nightly News and Dateline or Frontline.
We need exposed/affected residents/fieldworkers.
This is a great opportunity for nationally and possibly internationally getting the word out.
Please PM Marghee Maupin if you would be able to be interviewed or if you have any suggestions. Thank you.

Visit: to read the full article.


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