Syngenta's Good Growth Hawaii: Sustainable Agriculture In Action

Syngenta's Good Growth Hawaii: Sustainable Agriculture In Action

Syngenta’s Good Growth Hawaii: Sustainable Agriculture In Action


/ August 13, 2016 /

Syngenta is organizing two field visits for IUCN Congress participants and local Hawaian guests at Syngenta's production farm in Kunia, Oahu Island, Hawaii, showcasing sustainable agriculture in practice. The field visits are a part of regular visits we organize on this farm for our stakeholders to demonstrate the Good Growth Plan in action. These field visits offer tour participants an opportunity to explore a variety of sustainable agriculture intensification, soil conservation and biodiversity enhancement practices in real-world conditions.

These visits also provide an on-the-ground learning opportunity for participants to better experience:

  • "life on land" thematic journey
  • #WCC_10309 conservation campus event "Tackling land degradation on-the-ground

For IUCN delegates, Syngenta is providing roundtrip motor coach transportation from the Hawaii Convention Center to the Kunia farm for both tours. (Syngenta Kunia is about 45 minutes-drive from Honolulu.) For all guests, we’ll serve lunch after the morning tour and “pau hana” refreshments following the afternoon tour.

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*Please choose if you would like to attend the morning tour or the afternoon tour. (Both tours are identical in format.)

We look forward to seeing you there!

To find more information on Syngenta's Global "The Good Growth Plan" project, visit:

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