Our Members

HCIA Corteva Agriscience

Corteva Agriscience™

Corteva Agriscience, uses modern biotechnology to develop and grow both conventional and genetically engineered corn seeds in Hawaii to fulfill its mission to help farmers across the globe address the many challenges they face. Once a year they do a quality grow out of Sunflowers which attracts thousands of visitors. In 2018, Corteva Agriscience brought together DuPont Crop Protection, DuPont Pioneer and Dow AgroSciences to create a market-shaping, standalone agriculture company.


HCIA Hartung Brother

Hartung Brothers

This family-owned and operated agribusiness acquired Syngenta operations in Hawaii in 2017. The company has been developing a wide range of solutions for agriculture’s producers and processors alike since 1975.


HCIA Bayer Hawaii

Bayer Hawaii

Bayer works to shape agriculture through breakthrough innovation for the benefit of farmers, consumers and the planet, harnessing cutting-edge agricultural and environmental innovations to deliver on its collective purpose: Science For A Better Life. The company strives to deliver innovative solutions that help maximize farm yields, secure harvests from devastating disease and pests, and keep living spaces and environment healthy and beautiful. Through its work, Bayer is committed to delivering better solutions for all farmers while enabling more choice for consumers to help them and the planet thrive.